JT Realty Investments, LLC is a real estate investment firm based in Tennessee. We specialize in acquiring non-performing mortgage notes and creating above market returns for our capital investors. We look to acquire residential assets secured by first liens across the United States, providing hedge funds and banks with capital opportunities to help eliminate non-performing assets from loan portfolios.

Our strategy is to purchase non-performing mortgage notes at a fraction of fair market value (typically 20-60 percent).

Since JT Realty Investments is a smaller investment firm, this allows us the flexibility and responsiveness that other firms may not provide as we underwrite all deals based on investment requirements. Not only do we work with private investors all across the country to help fund our deals, but JT Realty Investments works to create a win-win scenario for our lending relationships by either purchasing notes in bulk, or purchasing single notes.

JT Realty Investments also buys distressed single-family homes outright in the Memphis, Tennessee area looking to create a win-win scenario for both buyer and seller. We also work closely with multiple investors interested in purchasing properties to rehabilitate to sell or use as rental investment properties.

How many millionaires do you know who have become wealthy by investing in savings accounts?
I rest my case.

– Robert G. Allen

Julian Turner is the managing member of JT Realty Investments. Julian has been successfully involved in real estate principally closing several wholesale transactions with investors and is also experienced in mortgage note investing. Prior to becoming a real estate investor, Julian honorably served his country while enlisted in the United States Air Force.

During this period, Julian’s role consisted of managing, administering, and operating supply systems and activities for various Air Force operations. These skills, coupled with his real estate expertise, continue to serve as a solid foundation to manage and operate a thriving and successful real estate investment firm and help our clients achieve their investment goals.

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